Committed to organizations


Reasons for InnSense


We strive for excellence in everything we do. We are professional, passionate and strongly committed to reach full customer satisfaction with respect to our service, achievements and results.

Market and sector knowledge

We have a network of experts with profound knowledge in the sector and the different job categories. This allows us to support you in both in the preparation and implementation phase.

Recruitment network and candidate pool

Our recruitment consultants have extensive experience in the industry, are constantly in contact with the labour market and are therefore able to find the right candidates.

Infrastructure and flexibility

No customer and project is the same. Therefore, our infrastructure is designed so we can fulfil your needs with great flexibility: from consultancy to operational execution, from short to long term, from an individual expert without infrastructure to a team with full project and line management including necessary facilities. We can serve you completely.

Transparent costing structure

At InnSense you only pay for services provided, per daily period or assignment. Of course this can be modified according to your need. This allows you to increase your efficiency and profitability.


All our work is secured in exclusive agreements and our confidentiality and privacy policy.
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