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This disclaimer governs the use of the website (hereinafter the "Website"). We recommend that you read this document carefully.

1. Information and communication

InnSense pays the utmost attention to the reliability and accuracy of the information on its Website but inaccuracies and omissions may occur. We cannot guarantee that (the content of) the Website is complete and/or accurate. You acknowledge that the Website only contains the functionality and other properties as you find on the Website at the time of use ("as is basis").

InnSense is not liable for any form of damage, which is due to the entry of incorrect and/or incomplete information. InnSense is not liable for any form of damages resulting from the use of the Website or the inability to use the Website as a result of disturbances and/or interruptions.

InnSense does not guarantee that sent e-mails or other electronic messages will be received and processed in time and we accept no liability for consequences of delay, failure of receiving and processing thereof.

InnSense at all times remains the right to adapt the content of the Website.

2. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, database rights, trademarks and trade name rights, with respect to (the content of) the Website and the information it contains, images, sounds, texts, databases, photos, software, logos, and all other materials-including the combination (s) thereof, are owned by InnSense or its licensors.

Without the prior written consent of InnSense, you are not permitted to disclose the content of the Website and/or reproduce it unless this is necessary with respect to normal use of the Website and/or mandatory law permits this.

3. References to third party websites

The Website may contain information that originates from third parties and/or may refer to the websites of third parties (for example, through a hyperlink, banner or button). InnSense has no authority with respect to the information, content and operations of these websites. Therefore InnSense does not accept any responsibility and/or liability with regard to the information, content and operations of these websites.

4. Contact

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