Committed to people
Committed to people


InnSense values your career and development. We believe in “lifetime learning”. Therefore your manager within InnSense is continuously involved to support you in advancing your development and career. We also developed the “InnSense Institutes”, on the clinical side the Clinical Research Institute” (CRI)

and on the commercial side the “Commercial Training Institute” (CTI).

Within our Institutes we work, in consultation with our customers, with renowned trainers at an appropriate training scheme in line with the assignment and your ambition.
Lifetime learning

InnSense believes in “lifetime learning”. Therefore we spend a lot of attention on coaching, training & development of our employees. We believe this initiates high engagement and more success. You have control over an important part of your development. We want to work closely together with you at an appropriate training scheme.

“If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it"
William James - Philosopher (US) 1842-1910
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